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Snowtech is using expert services of Dr.A.B..Pandit a professor of chemical engineering of UICT Mumbai a renowned expert in mixing technology.
Properties of Agitators
Agitation systems for mixing, blending, suspending, dispersing, heat transfer etc. Impeller selection can be made after pilot plant study. Optimization of power requirement considering application. Shaft sealing arrangement from stuffing box to mechanical seal ( single or double ) with appropriate buffer fluid arrangement. Non conventional agitation system can be offered for existing reactors to reduce batch time, power requirement for critical applications. Safety monitoring features with appropriate instrumentation can be provided. Sizes can range from 0.1 hp. To 100 hp. With the shaft length upto 6 mtr. Design is robust reliable with ease for maintenance.
Convex bladed mixed flow impeller
  1. It is a multipurpose agitator which is suitable for processes involving liquid mixing, gas-liquid dispersion, solids suspension & chemical reaction, to be carried in a single reactor.
  2. Lower power consumption, shorter mixing time & better mass transfer.
  3. It's swept back blades gives lower power consumption than disc turbine for Gas dispersion application.
  4. Develops high circulation velocities throughout the tank.
  5. Reduction in gassed power number much lower as gas flow rate increases.
Some of the impellers used in our inhouse pilot plant agitation setup.To carry out the scale up study. Study feasibility. Optimise power consumption.

Flinging blade impeller

Ideally suited for maintaining constant gassed and ungassed power.

Which leads to problems as
Poor liquid circulation hence blending. Uneven gas dispersion hence lower gas liquid mass transfer coefficients. Break down of solid suspension. No need to design the drive for higher un gassed power as required for conventional impellers.



Capacity of tanks 10-5000 M3.

Most suitable for Blending & Mixing in large Vertical / Horizontal tanks than Top Mounted Agitator. The mixer shaft is short hence the bending moment is lower, so agitators more compact. No baffles are required because of asymmetrical flow. An efficient mixing of entire content of the tank with High Efficiency Hydrofoil impeller and appropriate mounting position. Tank with higher diameters can have multiple side entry mixers to achieve a specific mixing time duty. Ease in the suspension of solid particle due to bottom directed liquid flow. Design is robust and for long life and ease of maintenance.

Special design features like maintenance (Seal/Bearing )Changeover can be carried out with out removing the Agitator an essential feature required for Bio digester / Bulk storage Tanks


1) We have designed helical ribbon impeller for 20Ton soap kettle.

2) A 3.2m Dia, High shear agitator for 50 Ton Thixotropic material storage tank.

3) Specially designed Emulsion Plant for cosmetic application.

Diffrent types of Agitators
Specially designed Anchor type agitator with scraper for silicones emulsion preperations Three bladed hydrofoil impellars for solid - liquid mixing. Speciality impellar anchor - cum - spiral under fabrication for high viscous liquid
Agitators for heat treatment baths for automobile industry Spiral Agitator for 20 m3 soap kettle. Spiral Agitator for 5 KL Emulsion Polymer Reactor
Cowl Disc - Hydrofoil combination for Liquid -Liquid Emulsions. Half -pipe Rustan Turbine -Hydrofoil combinations for Gas - Liquid Reactions Two Bladed C / Pitch multiple impellar agitator assembly for 50 m3 storage tanks for high viscous mixing
Top Entry Agitator for 1000 M3 Bio Reactor Top Entry Agitator under testing for Bitumen Emulsion Applications Impellers for pilot plant
Impellers for pilot plant    
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