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Snowtech offers add on services like installation and commissioning for it’s own systems and equipments. Snowtech can also offer exclusive process design and engineering design to chemical industry. Custom fabrication of chemical equipments can also be undertaken. Fabrication of heat exchangers, particularly shell and tube heat exchanger and finned tube heat exchangers is our specialty.
Dedication to following activities has given us a superior and leading edge:-
Process Engineering
Implementation of turnkey systems necessitates sound process engineering back up. Our knowledge of chemical processes, P & ID analysis, designing of hardware, mechanical fabrication, electrical & instrumentation, safety procedures, automation process operability, start up & shut down procedures, interlock cause effect matrix generates a synergy in the form of a fool proof, efficient & safe turnkey systems.
Co - Development
We undertake co-development work with our clients. These assignments, although not much rewarding financially, give us exposure to many uncharted areas inducing a valuable development oriented attitude in organization. Most rewarding part of this endeavor is client’s faith in co-opting us in their developmental work and, confidence in our implementation ability. Besides, we work in tandem with premier education institutions like UICT (University Institute of Chemical Technology -Mumbai) to tackle specific problems which are examined in scientific manner, widening our knowledge base.
Experimental runs service/Pilot Plant Activity

On request, specific investigations can be carried in our own pilot systems to generate extensive data useful in selection of process system and machines.

In fact, this activity is the starting point of many enduring associations with prospective clients.

Designing & Fabrication

All designing work is handled with the help of sophisticated software packages to optimize designing and detailing work involved.

Our highly skilled workforce is capable of working on exotic materials of construction under external third party inspection to fabricate hardware of critical & close tolerances and best finish.

Most of our clients have conferred upon us ‘most favored’ status because of our deft handling of complicated production methods meeting target delivery period, with the help of well maintained machines.

For us, best workmanship is only logical fallout of best design efforts.

Installation & Commissioning Service
Our record of installation & commissioning is impeccable so far. We have firm intentions of keeping it so by adhering to time schedule and quality specifications laid down by our clients.
After Sales Service
We continue with our liaison with client even after handing over a system and help them in their scaled up project planning by imparting our finer understanding of process gained.
We can undertake to design plant & equipments as per prominent codes & standards like ASME / TEMA / DIN. Normally design data is collected from client with the help standard questionnaires, which cover entire aspect of process requirements. Various equipments can be designed with the help of design software like PV Elite.

We follow all conventional quality control methods religiously.

Raw materials are received with manufacturer’s test certificates, and are inspected for visual defects / dimensional requirements on 100% basis. Check tests are performed at NABL approved laboratories to doubly ensure the physical / chemical properties of material. Material history sheets are prepared for each job.

We are capable of undertaking jobs with third party inspection. Whenever required, we can prepare quality assurance plan (QAP) to suit individual client requirement and work according to approved QAP.

Our Products & Services
Distillation / Separation Systems
Turnkey Skid Mounted Pilot Plant
Mixing Systems
Lab & Pilot Autoclave
Disperser / Homogenisers
Chromatography Columns
Heat Exchangers
Speciality Equipments
Fabrication Equipments
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